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To qualify for interview and ranking for this program you must:

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Graduate or Have a certificate of High School Equivalency or GED or have a two-year Associate Degree or higher

  • Successfully completed one full year of High School Algebra with a passing grade or; one full semester of post high school algebra with a passing grade or; the electrical training ALLIANCE online Tech Math course

  • Able to work legally in the United States and provide a valid Social Security Number

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of registration (may apply at 17)

  • Possess a valid driver’s license

Direct Entry / Direct Interview:

Applicants may qualify for either Direct Entry or Direct Interview if they meet any of the following qualifications:

  • Completion of Pre-Apprenticeship program.

  • Military Experience. Applicants who have completed at least three years of active-duty service, with an honorable discharge within 5 years of date of application.

  • [Electrical] Industry Experience. Applicants who can verify that they have worked a minimum of 2,000 hours specifically in the electrical construction trade.

Required Documents
  • Copy of your valid Drivers License

  • High School Transcripts

  • ​College Transcripts (if applicable)

  • DD-214 (if applicable)

  • Any applicable Letters of Recommendation, certifications or awards

Apprentice program is a five-year on-the-job training program where students are taught the trade while actually working it. Apprentices are also required to attend classes offered at no charge through the JATC program. Pre-Apprenticeship is a 9 month program with classes offered at no charge.

Apply Now!

Capable of completing all requirements of apprenticeship, including being able and willing to:

  • Safely perform, or learn to safely perform essential functions of the job

  • Get to and from work at job sites within the geographical jurisdiction of the Local Union

  • Attend and successfully complete all related instruction

  • Understand and follow all JATC Rules and Policies

  • Climb and work from ladders, scaffolds, poles and towers of various heights

  • Push, pull, crawl, crouch and work in confined spaces, lift 25-50 pounds regularly and use various hand and power tools

  • Read, hear, speak and understand instructions and warnings in English

Aptitude Test

All applicants must sucessfully pass the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude test as the last requirement for interview.  

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