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Why You Deserve Better

Founded in 1891 as a part of the AFL, The Union (IBEW) emerged out of simply horrid working conditions for electrical workers.

At the time of their founding, being an electrical worker meant making about $10 a week, low even for the era, and a death/injury rate that was double other industrial jobs.


Thus the IBEW was largely founded to give these workers the working conditions that all Americans today would consider a fundamental human right.

A few reasons why IBEW and NECA Apprenticeship Leads the Industry:

  • Guaranteed Pay

  • $17 - $34 Per Hour

  • Guaranteed Wage Increases

  • Employer Paid Healthcare for you and your family

  • Life Insurance

  • Short-Term Disability

  • Accidental Death

  • Job Security

  • Grievance Procedure

  • Placement With Employer

  • Proper Supervision

  • Safest Working Conditions

  • Defined Contribution Pension

  • Defined Benefits Pension Plan

  • 401(k) Plan

  • Industry Leading Training Program

  • Work Directly With Journeyworker

  • 100% Success Rate With State Licensing Exam

Take charge of your future! Contact Christina Henzen at (319) 232-5374.

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